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The Norwegian Kennel Club hosts first international dog show of 2011

On February 19 and 20, the Norwegian Kennel Club hosted their first international dog show of the year. As in previous years, the show took place in Bø, Telemark, with close to three thousand dogs making their way to the event.

Bø is known as the cradle of modern ski sport, and considering the heavy snowfall in central parts of Norway in January, one might suspect that most of the people in the region would prefer enjoying the excellent skiing conditions rather than attending a dog show. However, the event evidently provided a welcome break for the many ski-lovers in the area, and was well attended.

International Participation

The show also had considerable international participation, with both dogs and judges from several European countries attending.

Spanish judge Rafael Malo Alcrudo was given the honour of judging the Best in Show. Even enjoying the exotically chilly weather, Alcrudo was full of praise for the event, and stated afterwards that this was one of the best line-ups he had ever judged.

Still top dogs – Dogs of the Year 2010 still going strong

Talking to us following the show, Alcrudo had the following to say: “At least seven or eight dogs could have won Best in Show - which is a favourite problem for judges.

Finally, Zanta Av Quantos, a gorgeous German Shepherd female, flying around the ring with feminine class, was my Best in Show. Showline Sporting Step, an aristocratic Greyhound with the dignity and elegance of his breed came second. Tangetoppen's Hot And Spicy, a young Pug female with life and spark and Versoix Totto Too, a fantastic and powerful St Bernard male completed my “fab four”.

Congratulations to the breeders and owners of the beautiful dogs, and the rest of the wonderful line-up. And, of course, thanks to the Show Team. The show was superb and your hospitality magnificent”.

The fact that these dogs did so well is not a surprise, but a continuation of previous form: Last year Zanta was one of our two dogs of the year (the second Dog of the Year 2010 was dachs hound Treis Pinheiros Matisse, who also participated in Bø, where he won his group), and Sporting Step followed behind as number three in our Dog of the Year 2010.

The Norwegian Kennel Club would like to congratulate all the breeders and owners of the beautiful dogs who made it to the show – we look forward to welcoming you all back next year!

19-20/2/2011 - BO I Telemark - Norway
German Shepherd ZANTA AV QUANTOS
Judge: Rafael Malo Alcrudo (ES)